A great way to help celebrate 40 years at the legendary venue! The rain held off (just), the crowd gathered and the skating was amazing from all groups.
We had 3 different judges for every group this time, proving that the skaters are keen to keep the scene together by putting something back. So thanks to Jim Langran​, Noddy Rands​, Alex Griffiths​, Lee Blackwell​, Ethan Hardiman Doody​, Nicholas James Rains​, Street Nowik​, Leon Bennett​ for manning the clipboards.
Special mention to Kat Marlow​ for bashing the laptop for hours to keep the scores in order and let us run comps back to back.
MCs Christopher Hudson​ and James Threlfall​ kept things tightly wound and got the crowd pumped all day long. I was briefly allowed to pic up the mic 😉
Toggs on the platform keeping the event on film were Stu Bennett, Gavin Swaffield and Richie Styles with Elliot Mallinson doing the moving pictures.
We had another successful live stream with 50k+ viewers thanks to Brett Dye from The Skateboarding Show and EXTREME making sure there wasn’t a single kickturn missed.

Big Love!

Here’s the numbers…


1. Jake Anderson
2. Jim Langran
3. Oakley Liddell
4. Ethan Doody
5. Alex Griffiths
6. Lars Stout
7. Rio O’Byrne
8. James Threlfall
9. Lee Blackwell
10. Jack Tonge
11. Nick Rains


1. Jussi Korhonnen
2. Dave Allen
3. Greg Nowik
4. Chris Hudson
5. Leon Bennett
6. Richard Styles
7. Gareth Hughes
8. Mat Marlow
9. Lee James
10. Mick O’Byrne
11. Martin Pope
12. Brett Dye
13. Murray Dolan
14. Kieron Bhargava


1. Noddy Rands
2. George O’Neil
3. Ben Plumb
4. Jakob Adams
5. Charlie Hart
6. Darren Quinn
7. Rhys Bevan
9. Stanley Bhargava
10. Fergus Bhargava
11. Reuben Marlow
12. Kris Tyger
14. Ruby Dolan
15. Martha
16. Matt Treece
17. Roscoe
18. Poppy Dolan
19. Ben Delaney
20. Archie Waye

Available on the results archive as always.