After a slow start to the year, worrying about parks closing and getting enough comps together for a good season, things have really started to come together. We’ve secured the usual comps in Cornwall, Birmingham, Blackpool and Corby but had lost hope for Manchester’s Beast Rampz until recently when it was re-opened, so that makes 5. But there’s more…

Back in March, the ageing outdoor public vert ramp in St Neots (Cambridgeshire) was the beneficiary of work by the local group Revamp The Ramp. They put in a sterling effort to get the ramp resurfaced so we were only too happy to get a comp going ASAP. It’s happening on August 7th and will be named “The Steve Bayless Vert Session” after a kingpin of the local scene and vital part of the skatepark redevelopment over the years.

Then we had a surprise; Pete King’s mobile ramp that was used for the NASS 2016/16 festivals and 2015’s “Live and Loud” tour will be moving to Southsea Skatepark – the home of Zorlac’s legendary “Shut up and Skate” contests of last century. The guys at Southsea were straight on the phone to get a contest sorted and with Barry Abrook’s kind permission, we resurrected the Shut up and Skate name. Southsea will be round 2 on Sunday 31st July and we’re stoked to get it back on the circuit!

So, here’s the updated flyer and all the dates are in the vert calendar at