The Mount Hawke Vert Jam went down at the weekend and considering we had lower numbers than usual, it was a wall-to-wall trick fest! It was nice to have a slightly more relaxed schedule due to not needing any qualifiers – we went straight to finals with 8, 7 and 10 riders in A, B and Masters groups respectively.

The competition marks the seventh and final time that Ben “Fresh Air” Liddell will be organising this contest, so watch this space to see who will be taking the reins next year. So, a massive thanks to Ben for keeping the Cornish leg of the series going all this time and enjoy putting your feet up for the next one! Also, thanks to all the people who supported this contest in so many ways including Jake Anderson for getting sponsors together, Elliot Mallinson for filming, Manfred Kutz for surface maintenance, Jon Nixon and Jim Langran for continuing to provide solid judging skills. All the staff at the skatepark were on top form keeping us comfortable and well equipped throughout.

The competition was live-streamed on our Facebook page so you can watch it back here:

Here’s the top 3 results in all groups. Visit the results pages for the full table.

B Group
1. Logan Dell
2. Kieran Waterton
3. Harry While

1. Chris Hudson
2. Richard Styles
3. Mat Marlow

A Group
1. Jesse Thomas
2. Jim Langran
3. Jake Anderson