Once again, Beast Rampz hosted the Manchester leg of the UK Independent Vert Series which turned out to be the usual rad concoction of progressive kids, gnarly masters and relentless, erm.. A Group dudes.

There were a good few slams but no serious injuries as people enjoyed boosted confidence on the diminutive ramp.

All groups went straight to finals so we could cram everyone in to a tight schedule. That meant 12 and 14 on the platform for the B Group and Masters respectively. A couple of epic snake sessions provided the watch-through-your-fingers melee that can only be provided by folks desperate to get their best hammers nailed to the wood.

Vans provided a shed load of prizes (as for every comp on the series) so even the newbs got a t-shirt and stickers, with the podium winners getting some very nice swag indeed!

Check out the Sidewalk websiteProTec Instagram feed and the UK Independent Vert Series FaceBook page for pics and footage. We live-streamed the whole show (from a slightly dodgy angle) and Ben Powell was there from Sidewalk to get some pro shots.

Click here to see the full results table for 2017 and see who’s battling for the final podium spots at Blockless Combat on 8th October.