Wales Rampage

Spit & Sawdust Skatepark, Cardiff

Spit and Sawdust have brought a vert ramp back to Wales for the first time in 20 years.  Wales has a great history of vert skaters and this new ramp will bring a new generation of flying dragons to the vert scene in the UK and Europe.  

The ramp is open to the elements but the external skatelite being used will ensure a good quality skate for many years.  The ramp stands at 12ft high and is an impressive 32ft wide. An interesting removable extension has already been added with a 6ft half dartboard shape that will allow for some amazing tricks….there may be a bespoke tombstone on it’s way from London town for the event too!

Everyone deserves to skate the newest addition to the UK vert scene, so get out of your house and on the road for a great vert ramp, lovely welsh hospitality and the best quality and value burgers on the skate scheme in the UK.

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Useful info
Phone 02920 494 741
Address Rhymney River Bridge Road
CF23 9AF
Park entry Sat: 12-4 Practice £3
Sun: 10-6 FREE (for comp only)
Opening times Sat: 12:00, Sun: 12:00
Comp entry FREE
The Ramp
Height  12′
Width  32′
Vert  1′
Transition  11′
Flat 16′

Schedule Guide

Below is a guide to how the competition will be run based on past events. This is subject to change depending on number of riders and various other factors.