Seaside Session – Ramp City, Blackpool

//Seaside Session – Ramp City, Blackpool
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Seaside Session

Ramp City, Blackpool

The Seaside Session at Blackpool is a guaranteed great weekend. Organised by the famous Woody from Big Woody’s skateboard shop (with plenty of skate gear available at the park), it’s a popular stop on the tour and never fails to turn in to a session to remember.

Ramp City is a 29,000 square foot indoor skatepark located not far from Blackpool town centre and at the end of the M55 motorway.

Inside the park you’ll find four halfpipes from the 3ft 6inch micro mini spine, right up to one of the UK’s largest vert ramps standing at a mighty 13ft 3in very usable 12ft 9in (with extensions at the old height), a pool with real concrete coping and the only wooden indoor fullpipe in the UK. Street skaters aren’t left out with a section comprising of two driveways with rails and hubbas, low rails, Wembley gap, and new centre piece plus numerous quarters and roll-ins.

Last year’s Results

A Group


B Group

Round 2 Results from Blackpool

Great weekend in Blackpool with some seriously amazing skateboarding! Thanks to all involved. Here’s yer numbers… also available in the results archive.


1. Jake Anderson
2. Jim Langran
3. Oakley Liddell
4. Adam Williams
5. Zak Kutz
6. Alex Griffiths
7. Logan Del
8. Finley Kirkby
9. Lucio Oliveira


1. Dave Allen
2. Greg Nowik
3. Paul Atkins
4. Sean Goff
5. Chris Hudson
6. Mat Marlow
= 7. Richard Styles
= 7. Gareth Hughes
9. Jon Nixon
10. Lee James
11. Chris Harris
12. Matt Leese


1. Judah Cross
2. Cam Marlow
3. George O’Neil
4. Noddy Rands
5. Indiana Tracy
6. Jakob Adams
7. Darren Quinn
8. Joe James
9. Carl Shelley
10. Reuben Marlow
11. Lily Grace

Blackpool – Seaside Sessions – Round 2

Seaside Session info…


Seaside Session info…
Useful info
Phone 01253 699005
Email n/a
Address Ramp City WSA
Cropper Road
Park entry £10 all day
(check site for times)
Comp entry FREE
Accomodation Limited camping behind park (FREE)
Premier Inn
The Ramp
Height 12’9″ – 13’3″
Width 36′
Vert 1’9″ – 2’3″
Transition 11′
Flat 16′

Schedule Guide

Below is a guide to how the competition will be run based on past events. This is subject to change depending on number of riders and various other factors.