Mancunian Meltdown – Beast Rampz, Manchester

//Mancunian Meltdown – Beast Rampz, Manchester
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Mancunian Meltdown

Beast Rampz, Manchester

BEAST RAMPZ is a 27,500 sq ft indoor skate park located 1.5 miles from Manchester city centre.

The vert ramp has held competitions for the vert series since it opened in 2013. It’s a smaller ramp with an extension in one corner, fast coping and a nice surface. The kids especially like the size and it makes for a really fun competition with few people ever failing to make the trip.

The park has been designed to cater for everyone. The impressive 60ft wide hipped Midi-Ramp stands at 6.5ft high and rises to 10 ft at one end. There’s also a 24ft wide Mini Ramp and a 20ft wide Micro Mini Ramp alonside a beginners area for the nippers. Add a 16ft high x 24ft wide Vert Wall into the equation, a Taco Wall-Ride plus a huge BMX Rhythm Section (also very skateable) and a lavish split-level street course with bowled corners, hubbas, driveways, steps, gaps, pyramid, ledges, rails and more.

Last Year’s Results

A Group


B Group

Mancunian Meltdown 2017

Once again, Beast Rampz hosted the Manchester leg of the UK Independent Vert Series which turned out to be the usual rad concoction of progressive kids, gnarly masters and relentless, erm.. A Group dudes.

There were a good few slams but no serious injuries as people enjoyed boosted confidence on the diminutive ramp.

All groups went straight to finals so we could cram everyone in to a tight schedule. That meant 12 and 14 on the platform for the B Group and Masters respectively. A couple of epic snake sessions provided the watch-through-your-fingers melee that can only be provided by folks desperate to get their best hammers nailed to the wood.

Vans provided a shed load of prizes (as for every comp on the series) so even the newbs got a t-shirt and stickers, with the podium winners getting some very nice swag indeed!

Check out the Sidewalk websiteProTec Instagram feed and the UK Independent Vert Series FaceBook page for pics and footage. We live-streamed the whole show (from a slightly dodgy angle) and Ben Powell was there from Sidewalk to get some pro shots.

Click here to see the full results table for 2017 and see who’s battling for the final podium spots at Blockless Combat on 8th October.

2017 confirmed dates

Here are the dates we have so far for 2017 vert competitions across the UK. These dates are confirmed by each organiser and park but they are always subject to change as the vert calendar fills up with other events such as festivals and other comps, so please keep checking here and our social pages for any changes.

If we stay at 6 comps, scores will be the total of the best 5, if we have 7 (Steve Bayless Vert Session at St Neots is still TBC) then it will be best 6.

  1. Wheels of Steel
    Adrenaline Alley, Corby
    2nd April 2017
  2. Seaside Session
    Ramp City, Blackpool
    28th May 2017
  3. Shut Up & Skate
    Southsea Skatepark, Southsea
    18th June 2017
  4. Steve Bayless Vert Session
    River Road Skatepark, St Neots
    30th July 2017
  5. Mount Hawke Vert Jam
    Mount Hawke Skatepark, Cornwall
    3rd September 2017
  6. Mancunian Meltdown
    Beast Rampz, Manchester
    24th September 2017
  7. Blockless Combat
    Creation Skatepark, Birmingham
    8th October 2017


The Beast is back!

Mancunian Meltdown 2016 is going ahead on Sunday August 21st at the recently reopened Beast Rampz. The park will be open at 10am for practice at a discounted rate of £10 for all day. It’s the smallest ramp on the series and that helps make it a really fun comp. Plenty of space for spectators and a great cafe with fabulous cake!

Useful info
Phone 0161 276 0752
Address Beast Rampz Skate Park
Unit 2 Matthews Street
M12 5BB
Park entry £11
Comp entry FREE
The Ramp
Height  tbc
Width  tbc
Vert  tbc
Transition tbc