Skatepark – The Space

//Skatepark - The Space

2015 Round 1 – report

2015 kicked off with a farewell tribute to the diminutive ramp at theSpace in North Berwick, Scotland. The park is closing at the end of March but Skateboard Scotland managed to help us get in there before we lost the chance to compete one last time on the 10 footer. The small ramp obviously helped [...]

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Staying the night at Round 1

If you're coming a long way to get the the Scottish leg (round 1) of the 2015 vert series, you've got a couple of options for stopping over. Sleep at the park The nice folks at theSpace will let you sleep there for free! There's a warm room but obviously no beds so bring your own sleeping kit [...]

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Last Chance to Skate theSpace!

This year, we're very thankful to have an event at theSpace in North Berwick, Scotland as they are to close their doors soon after we visit in March. Here's a statement from the skatepark: "Hello folks, this note follows our update earlier this year and sets out our current situation and our plans for the [...]

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North Berwick 2013 Vert Party footage

From 2013, this is the footage of a crazy time on the fresh vert ramp. You'll see more of this radness at the first comp on March 8th.

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