Skatepark – Southsea

//Skatepark - Southsea

Shut Up and Skate, Southsea 2018

A great way to help celebrate 40 years at the legendary venue! The rain held off (just), the crowd gathered and the skating was amazing from all groups. We had 3 different judges for every group this time, proving that the skaters are keen to keep the scene together by putting something back. So thanks [...]

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Summer Shredding!

Top day in the scorching sun! Thanks to all who sacrificed a bit of skate time to help out, and thanks to our sponsors Vans, 187 Killer pads, ProTec, SCUK and Speedlab Wheels. Well done to Southsea Skatepark for hosting this event for the second year in a row Here are the TOP 3s... click here for full results. B GROUP  [...]

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2017 confirmed dates

Here are the dates we have so far for 2017 vert competitions across the UK. These dates are confirmed by each organiser and park but they are always subject to change as the vert calendar fills up with other events such as festivals and other comps, so please keep checking here and our social [...]

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Shut Up And Skate! Southsea re-born!

As you already know, Southsea Skatepark is the new home of the King Ramps mobile vert ramp and we'll be competing there on July 31st. What you may not know is that local legend Barry Abrook - 80s/90s vert shredder and former Zorlac team member with his brother Mark - has given us kind permission [...]

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Southsea gets the “NASS Ramp” and vert series comp

While we haven't sorted the fine print yet, we will be running a comp on the 31st July at Southsea Skatepark. This will be Round 2, only one week before St Neots - I know it close but these things happen. Southsea has a lot of stuff going on at their park over the summer [...]

Southsea gets the “NASS Ramp” and vert series comp2021-06-11T16:38:40+00:00