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Blockless Combat and 2017 Series Final

It's over! Done. Finished. The 2017 UK independent Vert series was another mammoth run of 7 competitions over 7 months from April to October. The scores were taken from the best 5 rounds for each competitor to allow for 2 missed rounds, but you were daft to miss one! The final round, as is customary, was [...]

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2017 confirmed dates

Here are the dates we have so far for 2017 vert competitions across the UK. These dates are confirmed by each organiser and park but they are always subject to change as the vert calendar fills up with other events such as festivals and other comps, so please keep checking here and our social [...]

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2016 Final Round – Blockless Combat

It's finally here! The last round of this epic 2016 series will bring the year to a close with all 3 groups shaping up for a big finalé. Every year, this comp manages to create an amazing atmosphere to bring out the best skating and crowd support, and 2016 will be no different. Check out [...]

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Blockless Combat date finalised

The epic series final round "Blockless Combat", the comp that pre-dates this latest run of the vert series, will happen on Sunday October 4th. This date is confirmed with Creation Skatepark and so far there are no clashes that we know of which is good news considering how busy the rest of the vert calendar [...]

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