Register for NASS 2016

If you haven't done already, now is the time to register for the 2016 NASS vert contest. It's not a series event, so won't count towards your score this year but what you don't get in points, you get in good times. Go here now: More info here: NASS Festival Info page

NASS Competition Group Riders

* * * PLEASE BE AT THE RAMP READY ON TIME * * * We'll put these near the ramp too. A Group - Heat 1 11:30 am Saturday Reiss Johnson Bjorn Lillesoe Ivan Federico Christopher Hudson Jesse Thomas Alex Hallford James Threlfall Sam Bosworth Trevor Johnson Alessandro Mazzara A Group - Heat 2 12:00 [...]

NASS festival page online

All the info we have on the NASS festival so far is here: NASS Festival Page Keep checking back for updates.