2014 ‘B’ Group – New Scoreboard Page

Last year saw Matt Beer take the B Group crown ahead of Keith Easom by only 100 points (3800). It was a close battle all year with no one able to predict the outcome for the two skaters who had very different styles and tricks. They were level-pegging when the scores of 3 rounds were added up so we had to add 4 rounds just for them, which put Matt in the lead thanks to his decisive run of two first and two second places.

Matt is planning to move up to A Group this year, so we’re looking forward to seeing his progression through the ranks. With Mount Hawke being is nearest vert ramp, expect to see some great skating from him at that even in particular.

We also look forward to seeing what Keith decides to do this year as he seems to have been hibernating over the winter months, but whatever he’s up to, you can bet he’ll be right back in the game with his seemingly endless bag of tricks.

Third place wasn’t quite so close. Behind the leaders by 1400 points and ahead of 4th place by 350 Mat Marlow is giving himself another year in B Group to see if he can retain a podium position. With a surge in the younger generations of vert skaters, he’s going to have his work cut out trying to defend it. Look out for upstarts Kieran and Callum Waterton, Alex Griffiths and Finley Kirkby and Rio O’Byrne.