Skate vert, have fun!

“The UK Independent Vert Series isn’t about getting too serious, it’s about skating vert and having fun. Great skateboarding, good times and awesome people.”


Series coordinator: Mat Marlow

Each competition is organised by separate individuals who are passionate about vert, that’s what makes it independent. There’s no corporate headquarters with marketing teams and tour busses, just a few guys who’ve been doing it a while and want to put something back to keep it going for everyone else.

Recently, we’ve been working hard to put something extra into the series. That’s because getting sponsorship for big prizes means we need to be seen by plenty of people to make it worthwhile for the sponsors so they come back next year. But don’t let this fool you, we’re still in it for a laugh – we just want to make sure the awesome skaters that come through the series get the recognition and reward they deserve.


Just roll-up at the park in plenty of time for the competition (or even the day before for some practice), we’ll have a PA system rigged up on the day and one of the guys will be on the MC when the time comes. Get skating! We’ll announce when the comps will be and when you need to register (ie. write your name on a scruffy bit of paper), so the best thing to do is get on the ramp, especially if you haven’t skated it before.

Check the format/schedule page for more info about when to turn up and how the comps are arranged throughout the day.


Spectators are very welcome at the comps, we love a big crowd. Most skateparks don’t charge to watch, especially not on competition day and only minimal amounts if they do. There aren’t many parks with purpose-built seating next to the vert but there’s usually plenty of room and often a café for drinks/snacks/meals etc. The parks can get chilly in the cooler months so wrap up warm and wear thick soles on the concrete floors.

Shout as loud as you want! We’re all show-offs at heart and love a bit of support. You can bet we’ll be cheering everyone on, even if we’re competing against them.


There’ll be lots of people taking pictures, most of whom are skaters themselves. Pics and video will get posted to the facebook page after comps so keep an eye out there.

If you want to take pictures or video, go right ahead but unless you’re used to being on the platform of a vert ramp, it’s best to leave that area to the ‘professionals’.

Can you take quality video?

We’d love to have some full video coverage of any or all of the events but we can’t pay someone to do it. We’ve often been lucky enough to have someone do it for us but can’t guarantee anything so any help is appreciated.