2014 ‘A’ Group – New Scoreboard Page

There was a dominant force in the 2014 A Group. After failing to capitalise on his 3 firsts and 1 second place in 2013 by missing two events, Jake Anderson attended all four 2014 comps and won every single one, earning an unbeatable total of 3000 points (top 3 results count). A fact that the 2013 winner Matty Carlisle couldn’t counter but made sure he stayed ahead of A Group newcomer Jesse Thomas with high 540 variations and an improved bag of lip-tricks. Jesse’s third place really showed that he’s a true UK Vert contender and ready for the big time. Massive airs, plenty of foot-off craziness and a good balance of lip tricks proves his skill and determination is paying off with quick progression.

With those three committed to another year of UK Vert, 2015 will be massive. There is an amazing array of talent in the A Group now so we’ll no doubt be treated to the kind of flair we’ve seen come through from previous contenders like Sam Beckett and Paul-luc Ronchetti.

There were only four events in 2014 but that has now risen back to six and a possible seventh at an as-yet undisclosed venue. Keep your eyes peeled for news on that and more on this website and our facebook page.