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Remember all the dates? Are you joking?

Ok, so it's a bit of a trauma to try and remember all 6 or 7 competition dates across the year. Well, no more thinking required for your poor little tired brain. Just click this button and download all the dates into your calendar - BOOM! Ok, it's not a trauma, and "boom" is going [...]

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2017 Vert Calendar

Here's a new vert calendar for 2017. It's got all the confirmed dates for the UK series and a few other comps too. Got an event? Give us a shout at

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2017 confirmed dates

Here are the dates we have so far for 2017 vert competitions across the UK. These dates are confirmed by each organiser and park but they are always subject to change as the vert calendar fills up with other events such as festivals and other comps, so please keep checking here and our social [...]

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