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SEVEN Vert Contests in 2016!

After a slow start to the year, worrying about parks closing and getting enough comps together for a good season, things have really started to come together. We've secured the usual comps in Cornwall, Birmingham, Blackpool and Corby but had lost hope for Manchester's Beast Rampz until recently when it was re-opened, so that makes [...]

SEVEN Vert Contests in 2016!2021-06-11T16:38:40+00:00

Shut Up And Skate! Southsea re-born!

As you already know, Southsea Skatepark is the new home of the King Ramps mobile vert ramp and we'll be competing there on July 31st. What you may not know is that local legend Barry Abrook - 80s/90s vert shredder and former Zorlac team member with his brother Mark - has given us kind permission [...]

Shut Up And Skate! Southsea re-born!2021-06-11T16:38:40+00:00

Southsea gets the “NASS Ramp” and vert series comp

While we haven't sorted the fine print yet, we will be running a comp on the 31st July at Southsea Skatepark. This will be Round 2, only one week before St Neots - I know it close but these things happen. Southsea has a lot of stuff going on at their park over the summer [...]

Southsea gets the “NASS Ramp” and vert series comp2021-06-11T16:38:40+00:00

Steve Bayless Vert Session – St Neots

St Neots comp will be Round 3, the WEEK AFTER SOUTHSEA but since we're still fine tuning the organisation on that one, we're proud to present the "Steve Bayless Vert Session" at St Neots - going ahead on Sunday August 7th. Thanks to the effort from all involved with this one. Hope to see you [...]

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