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2016 Series dates are here!

Here it is folks! We're still finalising the St Neots date but we'll let you know when we have it. Notice the addition of the Masters group - new for 2016!  

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St Neots outdoor vert ramp to get new surface

There's great news from Cambridgeshire - the 13ft outdoor vert ramp is getting a new skatelite surface next month (March). This means it will be fit to host a UK Independent Vert Series competition round in 2016! We're talking to the Revamp the Ramp committee in the hope that we can secure a date in [...]

St Neots outdoor vert ramp to get new surface2021-06-11T16:38:41+00:00

Masters in 2016?

Do you want to see an over 40's group this year? Are you of a certain age? Tired of skating against the next Sam Beckett? Head over to the facebook discussion if you want to show your interest for a Masters group in the 2016 series. Click here to see the post

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2016 dates

We're trying to finalise the dates for the 2016 season and will have a flyer out as soon as we have them all. We'll be avoiding the summer months due to so many festivals and Euro comps in the works. For now though, we do know that Mount Hawke will be on the May bank [...]

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