A Group Winner Matty Carlisle – backside air

A warm, sunny May bank holiday weekend in Cornwall greeted us on the other side of the usual traffic chaos for the first round of the 2016 series. The “Mount Hawke Vert Jam” as it will now be known was another memorably epic competition to be hosted at the venue, which unfortunately, was still under re-development after a 6 week full build (except for the vert). The place looks amazing but as we couldn’t skate it, all the focus was on the vert ramp which was certainly no bad thing!


L-R: comp organiser Ben Liddell, Masters Winner Jim the Skin and Masters runner up Chris Hudson.

35 riders were in attendance which made filling the 3 groups no problem. 2 B-Group heats, 2 A-Group heats and a straight fight for the Masters trophy. The first official series Masters event had 9 eager young lads who welcomed the chance to skate with their contemporaries, making for a great comp with no holding back. Dave Allen took best trick with his hard-fought straight-up egg plant shortly after taking the biggest slam of the day on a crail revert but still managing third place. Chris Hudson’s usual grin just got wider when he found himself in 2nd place thanks to high airs, massive speed grinds and a crowd-pleasing melon to tail to name a few. Paul ‘Jim the Skin’ Atkins took the beautifully crafted “M” trophy with huge tail slaps, technical grind reverts and unbeatably stylish crail slides. Click here for Masters full results

The B Group had 18 riders with the final eight showing a massive range of different styles from the slashing pool style of Gaz Hughes and the unnecessarily bright Rob Ayton to the padless mahem of Tony Jarvis and ultimately victorious Dean Greensmith – a vert series newcomer! Dean took first place with the best-trick-awarded Andrecht revert and a great show of general gnarliness. Taking second place was the aforementioned lollipop lady impersonator Rob Ayton who’s been progressing steadily with his mix of rock fakies, smith stalls, rock fakies and rock fakies to become a real contender (also managing a miller flip and some really nice airs). Closing out the top three with his first podium was Ethan Doody who’s really put the hours in at Creation skatepark to nail some massive fakie ollies, platform roll-outs and solid lip tricks. Click here for B group full results


Oakley Liddell – Madonna

Since this comp didn’t clash directly with any European events as it sometimes has, we were lucky enough to see most of the A group riders in attendance with only a couple of absent northern and Brazilian exceptions. We also had the pleasure of two ex B Groupers; Alex Griffiths and Finley Kirkby who both showed their mettle with some massive airs and varials (Alex) and even a 540 (Finley).
The A Group final was absolutely insane. Some of the best skating we’d ever seen went down that day and it just got better when the snake session started. Riders were told they would be marked down for long runs so inevitably we saw some bangers in the last 5 minutes. Jesse took best trick with his flip lein disaster with other notable mentions being Matty’s body varial 540 and 720, Jake’s samba flip (kickflip-indy-fingerflip-indy) and Jim’s alley-oop one-footed f/s grind.


B Group Podium (L-R) – 3rd Ethan Doody, 1st Dean Greensmith, 2nd Rob Ayton

In the end, the top 3 positions were very much influenced by the points earned in that snake session. Jim Langran’s technical wizardry earned him 3rd place, Jesse Thomas’s speed, height and varial skills placed him second and Matty Carlisle’s massive 540 variations and flip combos put him in the top spot. Click here for A group full results

Click here to see the 2016 series results

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