A Group 2015 Results Table
B Group 2015 Results Table

The big weekend for round two at Mount Hawke was one to remember. One of the best attended rounds in recent memory (despite traffic misery), we had enough riders for two heats in each group so it took a while to get through. After waiting for a live band to relinquish the microphone, from 2:30 onwards, and well into the evening there was wall-to-wall radness.

The two B Group heats went off and with a big lively crowd, the atmosphere was buzzing. Plenty of
new/old faces thanks to a visit from the SCUK (Skateboard Collecting UK) group and general wider
interest. We had an amazing first time drop-in from Dan Pearce after a brutal first attempt slam and
some rad skills from the youngest competitor Judah Cross.

The B Group final saw Rio O’Byrne take 8th Place and best trick for his hard-fought lein-to-tail. Richard Styles’ first visit to Hawke was a daunting one but a nosepick grind and boned out indy’s secured 7th. Familiar face Callum Waterton put down some great airs and an invert to be proud of which put him closely behind David Cutler who was dominating the lip with his big bag of grind variations. The Moustachioed Maestro Rob Ayton had some clever smith stalls and a gnarly front feeble which got him a solid 4th just outside the podium with Matt Hooper taking third due to some perfect maydays and smith grinds. Second place went Finley Kirkby who had beautifully consistent and smooth airs and classic lip tricks showing a mature approach to the comp for the 10 year old.

Mat Marlow took his first win, retaining his top qualifying position into the final by mixing up his airs and lip tricks plus a few surprises like a squatted out one-foot mute and an invert in the snake session.

The almost equally busy A Group was unsurprisingly mental. B Group promotions Keith Easom and Matt Beer battled the nerves to make their mark on the big-boys group, and in Keith’s case, on the ramp itself which connected viscously with his head and wrist (heal well Keith!). Another highlight outside of the final 8 was Sam Bosworth’s amazing one-foot 540 which narrowly missed best trick to Reiss Johnson’s Elguerial.

Adam Williams and Jorge Viera took 8th and 7th respectively. Adam showing his now trademark massive airs and Jorge using the roll-ins to get height on has huge array of switch air and revert variations. Zac Kutz blasted through a big list of technical grinds including his super stylish montys with the attempted one-foot coming so close during the snake session, earning him 6th place. 5th was secured by Jesse Thomas by landing some amazing varials, high-speed madollie tailsides and roll-in-induced big airs. An appearance from Andy Scott didn’t go unnoticed. With his familiar casual style betraying the difficulty of his tricks he also put in some crowd-pleasers like no-comply drop-in and fs blunt. But Reiss Johnson managed to top Scotty by the sheer variety and multitude of tricks including the best inverts of the day and topped by the aforementioned best trick. Jim Langran had a great skate, his inimitable and technically-creative bag of lip tricks is seemingly endless. Chest-thumping f/s christ air and no-foot indy-grab f/s 50-50 being the highlights.

Once again, Jake Anderson headed this list of rad skaters by bringing some added style to all his airs, flipping anything that will flip and even throwing in an extra finger-flip onto a kickflip indy in case
you didn’t catch the first one. With his wide range airs, lip tricks, spins and ramp-usage, he took home
one of the two beautifully crafted transition styled trophies that Ben Liddell made for the event.

So, another year at the infamous peninsula venue goes by. A big thanks to Ciaran Ryder and Sarah Porter at Mount Hawke skatepark for hosting the event and letting us in free-of-charge in lieu of donations to the worthy vert fund. If you haven’t donated, get in touch with them and I’m sure they can appease your conscience. Huge respect to Ben Liddell for putting on the event and confidently managing the well-implemented scoring system. Wingy quite literally wore the mic out with his usual repartee, and along with the ever-pressured and skilled judges made this a well run event. A bit of name-juggling at the prize-giving only temporarily worried Finley and Rob! A final thanks goes to Manfred Kutz who put in some serious graft to fill all the peg holes and chips in the surface so we all had a smooth ride on the ageing surface. It almost goes without saying that the riders and supporters are what really make the event special, so kudos to all of you amazing folk.

As usual, our generous sponsors Vans and Dickies came through with a great pile of swag for the riders, so thanks to them both! We also had an extra sponsor for the B Group this year; Moonshine dumped a load of goodies on the guys and it was much appreciated, make sure you check them out and try their rad decks.

If we see anything like the enthusiasm and camaraderie at the rest of this year’s events, 2015 will be epic! See you all at Round 3 in Blackpool on 26th July, or before then at NASS on the 10-12th July.

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