2015 kicked off with a farewell tribute to the diminutive ramp at theSpace in North Berwick, Scotland. The park is closing at the end of March but Skateboard Scotland managed to help us get in there before we lost the chance to compete one last time on the 10 footer.

The small ramp obviously helped the B Group, some of whom are pretty hot on mini ramps and started bringing some new tricks up to the vert with highlights being Finley Kirkby’s (Rollersnakes) blunt pull-in and Matt Hooper’s lengthy b/s nosegrind. Kieran Menzies (Santa Cruz) took the trophy (a beautifully engraved board) ahead of Finley and Mat Marlow with great moments like ollie-north b/s disaster and big frontside ollies up to the high extension.

The A Groupers destroyed it, with Adam Williams (Extreme, Roots) testing the ceiling height and some great invert variations from Ruari (Moshdog) and Colin Adam (Creature, Independent, Bones, Nike, Baw Bags). Jake Anderson (Moonshine, Extreme, Theeve, Muckefuck, Baw Bags, Roots) and Matty Carlisle (TSG, Toy Machine, Evervolve, Skateport Southport) threw down some big 540s which didn’t come easy on a small ramp but helped them both to first and second place respectively, just in front of Adam Paris who spent a lot of time in the rafters. Matt Beer (Extreme, Junkyard Skatepark, 9 Clouds, Elevate) shredded his A Group debut with some big Madonnas, high airs and super smooth style.

If the rest of this season goes as well as this first comp then it’s going to be an amazing year, see you at Mount Hawke on 24th May!