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Welcome to the UK Independent Vert Series

This is the UK Independent Vert Series official website. You’ll find all the details of the year’s competitions, results after each event, news updates and all you need to know about sponsors and prizes.

Keep checking this site and the supporting social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram to keep up-to-date with all things going on in the UK vert series.

To read news for past years, check the News Archive.

LIVE streaming all competitions on EXTREME

In a first for the UK Independent Vert Series, we’re going to stream all our contests LIVE on the Extreme facebook page throughout the entire 2018 series.

Brett Dye – the intrepid skate reporter from The Skateboarding Show will be your manic commentator to take you through the finals in all three groups. He’ll tell you who’s riding and even have a stab at naming some of the tricks!

The videos will be available on the site long after the comps have happened so you’ll be able to wear out that pause button checking out how rad look look doing rock fakies.

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2018 SERIES – £5,000 up for grabs from Vans!

Welcome to the 2018 series!

We’re lucky enough to get support again this year from Vans who have cemented their commitment to UK vert with a £5,000 cash prize fund for the A Group. This will be split amongst the top riders on the final series podium.

Our other sponsors who are with us throughout the series, are Pig City, Keeping Vert Dead and ProTec. Watch out for sme cool product in those prize bags.

See you at Mount Hawke on 22nd April.


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Gearing up for the 2018 season

The 2017 series is over. If you didn’t know that, you’ve been under a rock. There’ll be a break from comps for the next 5/6 months, which will most likely start in April 2018. Keep checking on the website and social feeds for news of the 2018 contest dates.

You’ve probably seen by now that we’ve got a new logo. The old one was never meant to stay very long as it was a rushed-in hack job so that we had something to launch the 2015 season with. It stuck around a while but now we’ve got something with a little more thought behind it and hopefully some longevity to reflect our hope for a long future of the UK Independent Vert Series.

We’re once again aiming to get the best support from familiar brands to help out with prizes for the comps. We always try to make sure everyone who enters gets a prize and that was certainly true in 2017 thanks to Vans. If there is a particular company, brand, shop or organisation you think might like to get involved with the next series, just drop us a an email at

So get your new tricks down, see you on the platform!

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Series Sponsors

Competition Sponsors

We will publish sponsor logos here when our first competition sponsors are confirmed.

Each sponsor gets a logo placement with a link to their website.

Please email if you would like to help support the UK vert scene.

Competition Dates & Venues

Mount Hawke, Cornwall

Sunday 22nd April, 2018

Gover Waterworks
01209 890 705

Event Info

Ramp City, Blackpool

Sunday 27th May, 2018

Cropper Road
01253 699005

Event Info

Southsea Skatepark, Southsea

Sunday 17th June, 2018

Clarence Esplanade

Event Info

River Road Skatepark, St Neots

Sunday 29th July, 2018

Riverside Park
River Road
St Neots
PE19 7SB

Event Info

Adrenaline Alley, Corby

Sunday 19th August, 2018

6 Priors Haw Road
Corby, Northamptonshire
NN17 5JG
01536 202049

Event Info

Skaterham, Surrey

Sunday, 23rd September 2018

The Chapel (opposite Tesco)
The Village, Guards Avenue
Surrey CR3 5XL

Event Info

Creation, Birmingham

Sunday 14th Obctober, 2018

582 Moseley Road
B12 9AA
0121 449 8000

Event Info